In my previous series, I searched for beauty in the industrial landscape, composing idealized pictures of warehouse complexes along the highway. These photographs of suburban industrial parks, places where the natural world meets the man made, heightened ones awareness of the natural and the artificial in the everyday. In my recent series of floral still lifes, the scene is constructed rather than discovered. Common flowering houseplants are photographed on a white shelf in an ambiguous space, artificially illuminated by a fluorescent bulb and isolated against the shallow backdrop of a louvered blind; a fluorescent lamp suspended above the shelf becomes a visual equivalent to the sun illuminating a car park or a man-made green space. Similarly, there is a shift in scale, so that an isolated tree in the landscape finds its equivalent, inside, in a potted plant on a shelf. In these new works, objects are depicted at life size, amplifying their presence and affirming the connection we have to familiar objects in our lives.